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Featured Products

OSWW-Control Console


OSWW Control Console includes alarm silence, Over Speed & Wrong Way visable alarms, and alarm silence function.

OSWW-Control Console

  • ASIN: B09RP87M5V

BASE UNIT – Over Speed Wrong Way Direction System


The OSWW package emits an alarm and displays a message to give increased time to effectively reduce potential risks.

Over Speed & Wrong Way Detection Base Unit with PLC, Programming, Power Supply, and NEMA12 Enclosure.

OSWW-Base Unit

SKU: 1202-Base

OSWW Sensor


Radar Sensor Head, Communication Node, and Mount for OSWW.


SKU: 1202-Sensor



Warning Siren for OSWW system to alert guard force to alarm conditions.

SKU: 1202-HORN

OSWW-Electronic Message Board


Electronic Message Board displaying Over Speed and Wrong Way conditions for OSWW system

SKU: 1202-EMB